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Usual questions

What do I have to wear?

You have to take comfortable and sportive clothes.

We advise you to take a jean, a t-shirt and sport shoes.

We will give you all the equipment (carabiners, pulley, tethers, harness).

How my children are protected on the courses?

Neither your children nor you can detach the carabiners when you're high up.

We will be the first adventure parc in the trees in Europe to have this special security system ''the passive security system'' combined with a composit cable (more resistant, quieter and safer).

No fall will be possible as you will only be able to detach the carabiners one by one.

My child is nine years old. Can he do the adult courses?

He could if he is more than one meter twenty and if he is able to do the initiation course without any problem.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes but only if it's on a lead.

Can I come with a friend who does not want to do it?

Yes, you can. Only the players pay the entrance ticket. You friend can watch you and stay in the park without climbing up.

I live on the continent and I don't have a car. How can I come?

You can take the train to the ''Quiberon'' station (, then take the boat to the ''Le Palais'' harbour (

When you are in ''Le Palais'', you have 45 minutes of walk to the park which is in the Trochu wood, on the Sauzon road (see the plan here: Access Plan).

Is there a picnic area?

Yes, you can bring your lunch in our park. Some areas are planned for that.