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The courses

The access of courses depends principally on every one: height, physical capacities.

The age is just an indication.


These course was conceived so that you feel comfortable with the equipment, the type of proposed games and the signaling system (present signs every beginning of course  which are going to indicate you the name of the game which you go to make and the approach to follow).
We shall consider you "capable" of reaching the other courses once the realized test route(course).


Babies courses:

Those two courses are perfect for 3 to 6 or 7 years old children (less than one metre twenty). The first course is 1m high which allows the parents to help their children all along the course. The 2nd one is 1,5m to 2m high so that sensation of height are already there! 

Children are equipped with a harness, a rein and snap links as an adult.

They can lead and have fun on 250 meters of course with a complete security: zip lines, playground slide, rope bridges.


Course 1: Port Coton (Yellow)

This course is high up between two and three meters of the ground. There are various activities on this course: zip lines, lianas, high scale and others.

This course is perfect to learn and to be confortable with the height. There are not large technic difficulties.

To do this course, you have to be more than one meter twenty.

Course 2: Les grands sables (Green)

There are more sensations but no large difficulties.

Course 3: Donnant (blue)

This course is already for the most audacious.

The games between the platforms are more difficult to cross and the course gives more adrenaline.

Course 4: Taillefer (red)

Finally, this course is the most difficult. It is reserved to the most sportive and daring people.

The adrenaline is high! You will not forget it for a while!

Course 5: Le Skeul (black)

The hardest one for the more adventurous! Try our 12m jump at the end of the course for a guaranteed thrill!!

The activity includes: equipment provided + briefing + security advices + observation + help and assistance in case of difficulty.

For more security, you must wear sport shoes !

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