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L'équipe Belle île aventure

equipe belle ile aventure
Eline, Lionel, Lucas et Christelle vous attendent pour vous guider et vous aider sur les parcours...
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Article Télégramme 12/08

Art Télégramme 12 aout 2017- parc accrobranche - belle ile en mer
On parle de nous dans la presse...
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Acrobatic playgrounds in the wood permit to develop individual qualities (autonomy, perseverance, motor function) and team and cohesion spirit.

+ Do you want to galvanize your team, to reinforce it cohesion and have fun mixing adventure and nature?
+ Do you want to have a seminar, a end spring season, a special thing for your clients?

''Belle-île Aventure" will know how to respond to your needs and your wishes and will permit to you to share a great and unique moment.

Discovers, relaxation and adrenaline: almost 3 hours of pleasure in the wood.