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Article Ouest france 2019
Article du 22 Juillet 2019
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Article Télégramme 12/08/17

Art Télégramme 12 aout 2017- parc accrobranche - belle ile en mer
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Groups (school, friends, summer camps)

+ Are you a school or just a friend group? Are you summer camp or an association?

+ In every case, Belle-île Aventure offers you a unique occasion to discover the wood in a different way.

Come to share a high up walk in a beautiful wood and to have fun together. You will develop individual qualities (autonomy, perseverance, motor function) and team and cohesion spirit.

You will also enjoy a perfect area to discover the natural and forest environment and you will also sensibilize the group to the environment and the sustainable development.

On request, we also can organize ''ADVENTURE DAY''which combines different activities (surf, snorkelling, canoeing).

We will be in charge of the organization, the supervision and the animation of your day.